Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Walk for love

If you're a little girl dreaming of the wedding day, and exactly how it will be. Imagine that after years of dating, a man comes and you just know he is one. weekend trip planned with friends and her boyfriend. You go out on Friday and make its way to the cottage. Everyone is talking and laughing for the supply and about two hours on the road something tragic happens. 

You drive around the winding road and struck a car near the line. Van turns over and lay on the grass of consciousness with absolutely no feeling in his legs. Her boyfriend and friends will still until rescuers arrived. You are transported to the hospital where the emergency physician to make sure you and make special appointments. You have the worst news possible to imagine ... You are paralyzed and never walk again. 

This is a story about a girl whose wedding I'm planning now. How can you justify a beautiful young woman who has much to live now paralyzed for the rest of your life? With this devastating news, she often wondered if he would stay with her boyfriend by her side, but deep down he knew he would. 

Not only did he stay by her side, but the offer came her way. Like any new bride-to-be, would be overcome with enthusiasm the ideas flooded my head on the decor, dresses, flowers, food and music. For the bride, but several concerns have arisen in your mind. As I walk down the aisle? How do I get my first dance with my boyfriend?
She had a strong commitment that she will not let his wheelchair stop him from walking down the hall or have to dance first. She began her weekly therapy to prepare for the biggest ride of his life, wore braces on his feet and that people on both sides. His desire is that his brother, on the one hand, and his father, on the other side, helping her down the hall. 

I met the bride and groom for the past couple months are truly remarkable. She's beautiful, so happy and looking forward to this day, to be held in April. I personally can not wait to get her out of the truck, the first dance with her husband. I'm sure it will not be a dry eye in the house.
I had planned for hundreds and hundreds of weddings and never seen or experienced a situation like this. It touched my heart so much I wanted to share. For those who have gone through some difficult and tragic situations, there is always hope and always a reason to smile and look good in things.