Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sweet Wedding Story

Got bridal shop for many years, and one thing you learn early is that the couple can make some very funny things. They can also do things that are so sweet and sentimental, they bring a tear to the eye. That's why everyone loves weddings'

One of the most beautiful stories I ever heard was of a young couple who were very passionate. We knew the boyfriend was romantic because he proposed to his girlfriend by her to her favorite restaurant (the site of their first date), and making mock-ups for the dessert menu - in the middle of cakes and pies was his observation that asks for her hand in marriage. Of course, she said yes. The most exciting part of her love story happened during the wedding ceremony. When the groom saw the bride floating down the aisle in her chiffon wedding dresses and sparkling jewelry handmade wedding, he was so impressed with its beauty, which collapsed in tears. The wedding had to be stopped for several minutes while he cried his heart on his joy took his beloved. There was not a dry eye in the house.

Brides can get very bad reputation sometimes. While there are certainly some scary Bridezillas this world there are brides who are not selfish and care more about the happiness of others before themselves. I knew a bride who is planning a July wedding will take place in her school chapel. She was a boy chosen to be the ring bearer, who happened to love using skins superhero. As the wedding approached, the little ring bearer said he would walk into the hall if he could wear a cape. Now, most brides would put a foot down on it, it says that the baby mouse certainly destroy the "excellence" in your wedding day. Such young bride, however, did not bat an eyelash unusual request. Instead, he ordered the bridesmaids dresses to the side and made the cover of your ring bearer. He was ecstatic, and the bride was just glad that the boy was happy.

I once worked with a very spirited bride, who also happened to be pregnant. She us very nervous when he is pushing back the wedding day - there was a real concern that their clothes do not fit to marry. She had a very funny sense of humor about the situation. At one point she realized that she used her pregnancy as an excuse to go binge on junk food, and she gained much weight too quickly. She said one day to look at it and realized that her waist, "It's not a child! - This is the chips and dips. I am pleased that in the end, I have seen fit (barely!), and the bride was beautiful in its Chantilly lace dress accented with a dramatic marriage of handmade jewelry. Pregnant or not, the bride should shine like a star on her wedding day, and she certainly did.

Although most weddings have the same ingredients, brides and grooms an individual personality that each one unique and special. There's something about the process of planning a wedding, which amplifies the special couple was married. That's why wedding professionals love what they do and why it is so fun to attend a wedding - no two are alike.