Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Most Romantic Wedding Destinations

Looking for a better place for the wedding of your goals? Well, since there are many factors to be considered as a wedding destination, and many girls had a romantic dream, six cities are the most romantic wedding. If you are looking for a romantic wedding ideas, you should check the list first.

Picturesque city of Verona is one of the oldest and most beautiful in Italy. The famous classical works, "Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare, and also the hometown of two lovers from Verona becomes a dream destination for young lovers, of course.
Located at No. 23 Via Cappello, a small building was home to Juliet. And in the yard, a bronze statue of Juliet is there. It is said that playing in the top right will love the happy and the right of the statue is very bright for many visitors.
Also, another big dream in Verona, Juliet's tomb. According to legend, beautiful, the place of Romeo and Juliet celebrated their wedding in secret. So many lovers from around the world here for their wedding, hoping to defend their love to death. 

Where is the story of Romeo and Juliet is true or not that matter anymore. It is important to find true love. And when the words of Romeo and Juliet has become a symbol of love, the city of Verona, the city also gets the prestige of marriage.
Cologne, Germany
Born in the first century BC until the Roman era, Cologne is a beautiful name "Latinos in the north, and a number of church architecture was considered to Jerusalem in the north. Since, according to tradition, churches symbolize faithful guardian of marriage. When the vows are made before Jesus, which means that the couple will be loyal to wow the rest of life. How beautiful is the promise!

Cologne cathedral is as high as 157 m, and is also the only holy land that was closer to God. So here would be lovers of God's blessing to hear the voice more clear and direct during the marriage.
Meadows Portugal Obi: City wedding
Located just north of Lisbon, Portugal Meadows Obi was sent to the king, the king of Portugal Tangdinisi Houtang in Isabela on the wedding gift, and later, the city was known as the "bride of the city." And then, Portuguese and even couples from around the world an account of Obi as a starting point.
South Korea, Cheju Island: Paradise of Love
Cheju Island is full of romance, magic, to improve relationships and love, he is listed as the second choice for Korean newlyweds their honeymoon.
Cheju Island, in some cases is only to Hawaii in Korea, with a mixture of volcanic rock, frequent rains and temperate climate. Love like paradise, the island is famous for cutting wood and stone, which identifies and displays many fairy tales and love stories. Best of all, many works that vividly describe the life of a happy couple has to thousands of young couples.
Love and magic became the eternal theme of this island and make it a perfect destination wedding.
Casablanca: Classic White City
Casablanca gets its name from the Spanish, which means the White House. As the largest city in Morocco, this city is whiter reputation for Hollywood movie "Casablanca."
When you step in Casablanca, beautiful tone, "as time passes" will have memories of good times. Casablanca White wall has a high romance between Rick and Ilsa. War brings back memories and love this city, and love is the eternal theme of Casablanca.
Athens: searching for traces of Venus 

"If you can not find Athens, you must be stupid. If you're not thrilled to see you must be dumb, and if you leave it, you must be a camel." It is saying that vividly describes the magic and charm in Athens. Named after Athena, the city of Athens, is closely related to the wisdom, beauty and justice, as always.
Everything is lit in Athens with love, for sure, he is listed as a romantic city.

so just take your wedding dress start a new life.