Saturday, April 21, 2012

Catholic Wedding Ceremony

Catholics are the largest number of the denomination in the world. Their marriage has different methods. The wedding will take place in a "Catholic parish," and was associated with the mass of a marriage or outside the context of mass instead. The most important things in the ceremony, unity candles, cards, gifts and cake. There are several procedures to follow for the implementation of a Catholic wedding ceremony.

First, the place where the marriage must be established. Virgin Mary is venerated. When the parents ask the child for permission to perform the wedding in their church. Approval and processing of the higher authorities in the church. They decide to head to the wedding. The preparations and the lessons are given to the bride and groom. Then they decide, together with the parents about reading wedding blessing, read poems, papal blessing and write their own prayers.

Choosing the right music for the ceremony and selection of the procession, hymns and prelude recession and unity candle selection are done by family members and gives the parties involved.

In principle, similar to Catholic ceremony included the usual Sunday with the exception of some functions. Awards as part of the Mass, the Liturgy of the Word, that three readings from Scripture, a responsorial psalm and a sermon contains.

If married, the bride and groom Nuptial rites given. The third is the liturgy of the Eucharist.

The Catholic wedding ceremony or mass starts with the procession sang the hymn collection. The ceremony may also include or not, the welcome will be the next order of the mass. The meeting song is sung by everyone. The liturgy of the word is given. The first time you read scriptures from the book of the Old Testament and the first of these to read. Then, a responsorial psalm should be read or sung.

The second lecture will be followed from the New Testament by the Gospel acclamation (This is sung in the rule). The preaching of the gospel and have accepted the gospel acclamation.

The rite of marriage is to read, if everyone is for the priest. The priest proposes a number of questions about their loyalty to each other, the acceptance of both, and the education of children. Then the bride and groom were married. All priests bless. They exchange the wedding rings, the blessed and get them.

Liturgy of the Eucharist precedes. They sing songs in the preparation of the altar. Gifts will be presented and followed by the Eucharistic prayer.

The Holy Communion and the blessing of marriage given. The last rite is given the final blessing for all persons in the Catholic ceremony. Welcome and introduction of the bride and groom followed by party.

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