Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Asian Theme Weddings

Asian theme weddings are chosen by couples who want class and style to add to their marriage. It is especially the cuisine, beautiful floral arrangements and the culture of the Far East, that the desire for Asian theme weddings have evokes.

So to stay in line with these Asian themed weddings, you must first think of the right wedding dress. The first thing that comes to mind for this dress is a brilliant dress of red silk embedded with designs of flowers and dragons embroidered in gold thread.

Your wedding dress should match Asian theme weddings

But if you are uncomfortable with this you might consider something more classic like a cozy white silk dress with silver embroidery. Another choice is brocade, which is preferred in cold weather.

Not only do you need an Asian dress, but you need to accessorize this dress with the right accents. Try to pull your hair back, to secure it with rosewood chopsticks or perhaps, a ridge of green jade. Choose jewelry that is simple, but elegant as a necklace and wear sandal shoes the color and pattern of the dress to fit.

Invitations can create the atmosphere for Asian theme weddings

Another important part of the Asian theme weddings is the wedding invitation. Since this is the first thing your guests see it is important that the correct card that the atmosphere of the Asian theme weddings will choose.

You can choose from spell bounding crafted theme invitations with kanji script and small origami. A popular choice is the relief of the Chinese character "love" and with Chiyogami, it is possible for an ordinary invitation into something exotic.

Have a sushi menu for your wedding

Of course, no Asian-themed wedding complete without wedding Asian cuisine and food. You can choose your wedding menu based on your favorite Asian cuisine.

If you teriyaki flavors of Chinese, or Japanese sushi or maybe Thai cuisine, you can use for inspiration in the various courses of your wedding menu. You could also consider giving an American spin on these dishes to make them more interesting.

Besides this, choose drinks like Sapparo, sake and green or white tea to your Asian-themed weddings more memorable. The finishing touch for Asian themed weddings are using Asian wedding flowers and decorations and table decorations for Asian wedding favors for your guests to cherish your Asian theme wedding.

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