Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wedding With Flower Clips For Hair

Looking for something special to wear for wedding? You will be pleasantly surprised at what you can do with simple flower clips for your hair.

The most beautiful flowers can be done organdy, velvet and organza. When put on the alligator, are fantastic wedding accessories.

Flower Clips can consist of one flower, an association of several different flowers, or a combination of flowers, feathers, beads, ribbons, or crystals.

They can be used alone or with a veil. Birdcage veil is becoming a very popular choice, and work so well hairpins. The network made a cage veil is 9 "and 12" widths, but it can be cut into very small pieces, even if only a hint of blur is selected.

If the mesh is folded into a circle, can be used to create fabric flowers. A simple bow can be designed with a mesh, or may be used to cover the base drive for the soft, feminine look.

French or Russian network comes in several colors, including white, ivory, black and gold. It can be dyed to match any colors and some styles have soft spots scattered throughout the piece. Diamond pattern may vary according to size and crystals can be added to improve appearance.

A beautiful combination of different drugs and slightly different colors of fabric will be very special flower. If it is, to match the bridesmaid dresses pink, for example, try a light pink substance with a very pale pink with a hint of pink accent.

With three shades of the same color, give the overall appearance of three-dimensional piece. The fragment could be done with white, ivory and cream. Soft olive green leaves gives a hint of color while maintaining focus on the main color combination.

Using different textures also adds interest and a beautiful piece. Silk, velvet, feathers, beads and crystals and such a nice combination with different textures.

Add a soft feather touch of elegance flower clip. They can be very small, so the flowers will become the focal point, or they can be large and showy as ostrich feathers. This large feathers would then become the focal point, and flowers will be subordinate.

Feathers can be dyed or cut to create unusual shapes such as arrows or diamond shapes. They can be bent using the same technique as the ribbon. Scissors is a good tool for this. Another unique feathers are by removing most of the siding, leaving only the tip. This is the perfect line of material and gives artsy look.

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