Monday, August 8, 2011

Deciding on a Wedding Theme

For many couples who feel the traditional wedding with the bride wearing a white or ivory wedding dress a bit old hat. This can be especially for a second or subsequent marriages, lift renewals or if the couple does not want the wedding to be like the first. If this sounds like you, and you make your wedding unique to you and as memorable as possible want to think carefully about your choice of topic and do not be afraid to make it a little unusual!

One step further

Most weddings these days has a theme of some sort - often a simple color scheme or theme. It helps to keep all the different things that the wedding, and also makes it easier for things to fit in. Many brides choose the topic out from the color of bridesmaid dresses, or a favorite accessory. Some choose a single theme, such as hearts, daisies, snowflakes, or maybe for a winter wedding. This is all very well but if you want something different, it's time outside the box! Married, while dressed as Elvis or characters from Star Wars bits is plenty for most people, there are subtle ways out.

Some ideas:

* Choose your favorite movie or book, and working around the history and style. There are some spectacular Lord of the Rings wedding pictures online if you have a quick browse - or leader of a bygone era and the literary with a Shakespeare theme!

* Feeling playful? Bring your inner child and have a children's party theme with bright colors, balloons and a festive buffet.

* With a little imagination can create an underwater world at the reception place with white balloons as bubbles, blue tablecloths, fish-shaped favors and, of course, a fish tail wedding dress!

* A James Bond theme with the groom in black tie, would the bride wore an elegant gown and bridesmaids dresses Bond girl-style to create a modern raised themed wedding. Just add an Aston Martin, go to the venue, and a cocktail bar for martinis and you are halfway there.

* If you choose a specific time, to be based around the wedding, there are many different options. A vintage flapper style wedding dress and you are in their twenties, take a tea-length dress and a tea party you into the fifties, or select a medieval style dress and get married in a castle!

The sky really is the limit if you have to share your wedding theme to a hobby, your favorite movies or anything else to do basis. Dedicating time and energy into all the small details can create a magical event.