Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wedding Gown Preservation

Now that your marriage is over, time to decide what exactly to do with your wedding dress. If you decide you want to use a wedding gown preservation company so here are some things you should keep an eye.
A-Line/Princess Sweetheart Chapel Train Satin wedding dress for brides 2010 Style(WDA1687)
Realize that the summit now to do research and really know what the words mean different, which will help make this a pleasant experience. And more than just a good experience, you'll know you've selected the best company to preserve wedding dress to do the job.
There are several terms for the different treatments used to preserve your wedding dress. These terms sound good, but knowing what they really think are important to you.
Some examples:
"The anti-sugar" - this refers to the points of sugar can get your dress. Sugar spots usually come from cake, icing on the cake, soft drinks, chocolate and wine. Dry cleaning solvents used to clean their clothes will not remove these sugars. If they are not removed, these spots brown sugar and you have a stained wedding dress. So what really is this anti-sugar? It is nothing more than water. It's real water. Stains wash with water before dry cleaning actually happens.
"Acid Free, muslin, fabric or boards" - everyone is afraid of acids, so that seems important. It simply means that the box is lined with fabric used acid-neutral paper, and the wedding dress itself is wrapped in acid-free muslin (fabric) or tissue acid-free paper.

A-Line/Princess Sweetheart Chapel Train Satin wedding dress for brides 2010 style(WDA1109)
"Clean Zurcion - Zurcion is actually a trademark solvents used for dry cleaning. FTC has made the manufacturers for not putting labels on your cleaning Zurcion care. Any present dry cleaning solvents will clean your dress, as indicated by the current structure of care instructions.
"Fence" - refers to the shrink wrapping box screen, you will receive your wedding dress in gown preservation Some companies seal their homes do not. There are arguments for both sides of this process. Carton Sealing can risking mold if the dress was not properly dried before being placed in the box. Do not close the box can allow contaminants or insects in the field. Both situations are rarely or never happens, it's just a marketing ploy for the company to preserve the special wedding dress.
You can put your mind at ease about this important decision to preserve your wedding dress. Do a little research that are not affected by these conditions.
Check rates, all the best wedding gown preservation companies offer almost the exact same process and treatment. Find one that does and the purchase price. There is no reason to pay more.