Sunday, April 17, 2011

Types of Wedding Cake

The wedding cake has always been an important part of the reception, but these days, took on even greater significance. Brides are actually planning their wedding around the entire cake design. These are the kinds of cake and coverage you'll find: 

White cake: the taste of more traditional wedding cake more power, add a flavor of filling between the layers, like the butter cream raspberry or apricot preserves.
Chocolate: A crowd pleaser! Brides are more courageous about serving chocolate cake. It can be hidden under white enamel for a traditional look, or frosted in chocolate for a decadent treat. Chocolate is very popular for wedding cakes.
marble cake: Can not decide between white cake and chocolate cake? Then a marble cake is the answer.
Lemon cake: tart and refreshing, try a lemon cake for a summer wedding. From personal observation I would note that women seem to like the lemon flavor deserts much more than men, to make sure her fiance well with lemon before you finalize your order with the bakery.
Carrot Cake: A good choice for an autumn wedding. If you're waiting for the cream cheese frosting usually found in carrot cake, be aware that is likely to be creamier than pure white.
Buttercream Coverage: Coverage is most popular, buttercream is both light and rich at the same time. It requires refrigeration, but not a good choice for an outdoor wedding. 

Fondant: This coverage is that you will often find to produce high-fashion style cakes. Fondant is wrapped in a sheet and then placed on the cake for a very good finish. She is an excellent base for decoration, and keeps well in the heat. Fondant is chosen for looks rather than taste, you may want another layer of frost most delicious underneath.
Royal Icing and Gum Paste: These are used to create the decorations on the cake. Royal icing is good for the delicate decoration, like a monogram collar and flexible rubber is ideal for making delicious frosting flowers.
Once you and your baker decided the right kind of cake for your wedding, it will be time to decide on the decor. Fresh flowers are always a beautiful option and are very affordable. It may be necessary to coordinate the baker and florist for the flowers. Another nice idea is a broad band around the bottom of each row. Satin or grosgrain ribbon works very well, or you can have the chef create frosting "ribbon." 

From there, they will design more and more extensive. A very hot trend is to coordinate the cake for the bride's dress and bridal jewelry. You can see the lace and embroidery replicated in frost to mimic the pattern of your wedding dress. Another popular idea is to decorate the cake with artificial crystals and pearls to tie together with your wedding jewelry. The funny thing about this type of project is very personal and that there will be a completely original design.
The prices of wedding cakes can be run from the hundreds of thousands. If you want a showpiece cake, but have a limited budget, so a smaller cake for display differentiated, and then have a sheet cake of the same shape can be cut in the kitchen and served to your guests. No one will be wiser.