Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Story of Wedding Ring

As is already known that the choice of the wedding ring is a very important role in any marriage that is why it is important to free up a few points for the correct selection of the ring you and your loved one will take responsibility for your life time. In the custom of marriage is the union of two souls and with the ring exchange ceremony, the couple exchanged their hearts to each other and it was. Therefore, the ring-exchange distribution plays an important role in every wedding is, therefore, the choice of the ring fixed to the performance of the remainder of life. This custom dates from ancient Egypt, and gradually spread throughout the world. As one of the most integral part of the wedding ceremony, it marks the union of two souls and the best part is that with the exchange of rings, it is assumed that the two souls of the bride and groom, which is combined with each other. And the wedding ring is the symbol of infinite love.

Although sometimes in ancient Rome was the custom, where the wedding was a sign of the domination of man over woman symbolizes. It was called the representative, that the woman who accepts the ring from a man to the man at the time of their life is bound to them and how his property will be treated. This concept of objectification of women is no longer associated with the wedding ring, but instead has become a symbol of love and trust each other on. That is why the wedding ring is a symbol of the loving memories these days.

Wedding ceremony is celebrated differently in different countries and how this ring ceremony is also not comparable. There are some traditions, where wedding ring is worn on her right ring finger, and there are some countries where the wedding ring worn on her left ring finger. Another option is that the main bridesmaid keep the ring during the ceremony - there are several ways to keep him in a bag on a plate, etc. After the ceremony, the ring can be replaced on the left or right.

This usually consists of precious yellow alloy of gold, hardened with copper and Silver or tin and bismuth. Copper, silver, tin or bismuth is used as the gold more durable and hard. Now a days a trend that was not created with that wedding ring, platinum or titanium. These are more durable and fashionable too. Platinum and white alloys of gold demand by brides and grooms. Yellow "white" gold alloy with gold is used, which was now replaced by the less expensive nickel-gold alloy with a coating of rhodium. This may be favorable as before, but it's not quite durable and good. Tungsten, and titanium may also be used as a sealing material.

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