Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Outdoor Wedding

Beth and her fiancé loved the outdoors. They wanted to be surrounded by nature in an outdoor location for their wedding. It could be a picture in her mind with the solid white wood chairs, flowers and even closer friends. One question remains, when it should have the wedding?

Actually, the date should be decided first, before the location. Not all visitors can make a marriage, according to time. And not all sites are available at any time of year. If you plan ahead, you can set the date far in advance to ensure your loved ones appear. Beth set the date May 14 by next spring. He has checked the almanac time to make sure no rain around that time. It had rained the last 4 years in the region. Just to be sure, she checked with the manager at the Arboretum for a backup plan. It offered a room within a backup location in case it rained.

The ceremony will take place at a location in Sunny Florida. Beth looked damp and wanted guests to feel comfortable. Maid of money proposed to create a juice bar in the back of the post ceremony. Now that may sound expensive. Fortunately he had a friend who had a vending cart. Guests loved. A pair of diabetics in the list of guests really appreciate the thought.

The wedding day arrived. The sky shone blue without a cloud in the sky. Bells rang in the background and repeated across the green lawn. An outdoor wedding proved memorable.

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