Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Silk Wedding Flowers

If you are planning your wedding flowers Silk wedding flowers can be worth considering. For many brides, there are a number of advantages gained by choosing Silk.

The benefits of silk flowers

Hay fever .. If you or your guests have an allergy to pollen or hay fever have - silk wedding flowers are perfect.

Transport Perfectly .. If you ever married abroad then Silk wedding flowers are easy to transport. They will arrive in perfect condition without any fuss.

No. .. Seasons You can choose your favorite flower varieties whatever the season - Silk wedding flower varieties are always in season!

Long-lasting .. When fresh wedding flowers have faded away your silk wedding flowers can be a lasting reminder of your wedding.

Robust .. Silk wedding flowers do not wither or break easily, and the pollen does not stain your clothes.

Lightweight .. Compared with fresh flowers, silk wedding flowers are easier to carry.

Preparation .. Your Silk wedding flowers can be compensated, weeks or even months before your wedding so you can make all the adjustments you like.

Reusable space .. After the wedding of your silk wedding flowers can be reused in decorations for your home.

DIS-advantages Silk Wedding Flowers

Perfect reproductions? .. There is a perception that silk wedding flowers will look fake and tacky - some flowers such as Calla lilies are hard to fake - while substantial improvements in the appearance of silk flowers. That said, there are some flower varieties that are incredibly realistic and very nice, but you have to buy them - good quality silk wedding flowers are not the cheap option and can be expensive.

Fragrance .. Silk flowers are not so nice smell of fresh flowers.

Election .. The wide range of colors, black, shape and scent of real flowers can not be forged - real flowers can create a unique mood for the day.

Selections .. If you choose silk wedding flowers are also mix and match fresh and silk - maybe a fresh bouquet with silk table setting.

If you're still not sure whether they choose silk flowers for your wedding - Chat through ideas with your florist and they visit, to see the quality of silk wedding flowers for themselves.