Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spanish Wedding Customs

Weddings are happy occasions around the world. Each country has its own unique customs and traditions. Some of the festive weddings anywhere in Spain.

As the United States, Spain is a country with regional differences. This means that although some practices are universal, each area has its own traditions and to have. You'll see local specialties in the wedding catering, flowers and clothes resist.

It was common for a Spanish bride, wearing a black silk dress with black lace veil, to represent the "Til Death Do Us Part" of promises. Many brides these days, however, can choose the white dress that Americans are accustomed to wear. In Andalusia, some brides choose to wear a ruffled flamenco-style wedding dress in honor of the beloved dance. It is traditional for the bride to a T-shirt for the groom wear to a wedding to embroider.

If you were in a bridal shop in Spain on foot is one thing you would notice that all the clothes are designed to have specific and interesting details. You will not find too many of the simpler costumes, as many American women favor. Spanish brides are not afraid to dress up! This means that clothes are with ruffles, lace, embroidery or beads to match a wide variety of bridal jewelry. Earrings with momentum is a very popular form of bridal jewelry. And not a Spanish bride ensemble would be complete without a beautiful lace mantilla veil.

Flowers are an important part of any wedding. In Spain, you tend to find that different types of flowers in different regions of the country is used. For example, in Seville. Orange flowers for brides who are both known for their wonderful fragrance and associations with fertility Brides in Andalusia often wear pink and white roses, and all white bouquets are usually chosen by Castillian brides.

In many European countries, is a wedding a celebration that lasts well into the early morning hours, and Spain is no exception. Ceremonies are often much later than in the United States did not begin a 7:00 ceremony would be unusual. It makes sense when you consider that Spaniards eat dinner very late, is accustomed to. Speaking of the wedding dinner, it will have several local specialties like paella near the coast. Red Sangria is popular nationwide, as a rich cake with fruit and almonds for dessert.

One of the unique wedding customs in Spain and include replacement of a special box containing thirteen gold coins. These coins, which symbolize the priest, Jesus and the twelve apostles are blessed. In addition, the gold coins given to the bride to the groom that he wants to take them financially. The couple will exchange wedding rings are worn on the right instead of left.

Spanish weddings are very fun parties. Guest lists are usually large, and dance to the Mariachi band will last into the next morning. The bride and groom dance a traditional wedding dance called sequidillas some gas. Favors are usually cigars for the gentlemen, and something for women fragrance. You can also expect fireworks to celebrate the new marriage.