Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wedding Photojournalism

"I prefer a photojournalism style, pictures of my wedding, you do it?" Asks potential customers.

Of course, what I do, anyone can do. Going to a wedding and I happened to look at things. Someone with joy and laughter, someone, hand in hand and show you cry your 10 carat diamond engagement ring. Bride hugging a friend, fiance, knocking his friend's shoulder and laughed at his jokes. Photos of life, real emotions, real feelings, or false, nothing found. Every bride's dream that their images are all the emotions of the wedding to record good and bad. It is important that every bride spent months, days and hours to look their best on their wedding day. It is from the pin, which hurt her head and fake eyelashes, high heels, comfortable clothes to make her waist look smaller and chest pain is greater. Photojournalism not worry about all of this just to catch the emotions. None of the best light, there's nothing good in profile, not through the left ear is larger, turn right. Photojournalism of life is not the time to make it look its best wedding think. All human beings are not perfect and photographers job is to ensure that what you see in the picture looks the same, if not better than real life. To hide all small or big mistakes as possible. It can only take the time to carefully monitor and to achieve proper posture.

Photographer specializing in photojournalism shots in total against the traditional saying that it is outdated, old, not fashionable, nor real and fake lobby.

We all looked wonderful site full of photos of paintings, journalistic styles, all the emotions we feel special wedding day. How many pictures you see on this site? 10, 20, 30 may be from different marriages, or the same? Most likely the best shots from each wedding photographer selects its portfolio or on our website display. That's what I do and I've seen a hundred times with the best photographers out there. But have you ever seen the pictures do the whole wedding photojournalism? I have. I shoot 100% of the wedding photo-journalism. And it would be nice if all the time if something happens in the news. No news photographers just walking through the streets shooting people. You go to places where something is going on and shoot hundreds, even thousands of images of hope that will be of interest to be 10 and make a statement. Most of the time 1-2 is close to a newspaper or magazine page. Why should anyone believe that marriage would have been different?

Of course there are a variety of wedding photojournalism, to be shot. Bride ready, that is putting on her make-up, someone to fuss with her hair, is another attempt to lock up and be careful when using the stylus, tucked some hair spray. Tries in love with the bride getting her veil. Time for a dress with several layers of petticoats, the corset to be linked to you and it's not easy, you stick to your breasts before the fall. And then, stockings, sexy bait for the groom, something you want to see if the marriage is over. Then the ceremony. Father walk his little girl down on the island and gives it to the groom, holding hands Listen to the officiant. Promises of tears in the face of the groom, thinks that he is now responsible for 2 people instead of one, he is to you, my support and honor, and they can come together, to sacrifice their Sunday football match. That would be a strong man cry every time. Bride's parents their baby girl first steps and first date and I think how quickly kids grow and how quickly parents age, I certainly would not shed a tear. The rings on his fingers slipped and finally to the first kiss, and they are husband and wife. On the recording, waiting with hundreds of clients waiting for a young couple walk through the door, clapping and cheering. The first toast, first dance and EE. That's usually where it ends. The rest is almost always the same, they go from table to table and hugged and shook hands with his guests. This photo is where it begins and ends with images of hundreds of boring journalism hugs and handshakes. The photographer could be 100, 200 or even 1000 shots depending on how long the wedding is to take, but how many of these pictures are worth looking at? How can these paintings is actually a true story is actually true, your show? Display will show your emotions?