Sunday, March 18, 2012

Creative Wedding Ideas Make your day special

You probably have your wedding ceremony and reception are different than others. Better yet, you want your marriage to be bigger and better than others you've been. You can not be bigger and better by just more money. It's more about spending more time trying to get your creativity to good use. Throw all your conventional ideas about what a marriage should be out the window and get ready for some creative ideas for wedding centerpieces, wedding favors and your reception decor.

Sand from the beach

Your wedding centerpieces do not have to be kept in the case. If you are a beach or summer love, open to creative ideas for wedding centerpieces, take a ton of sand from your favorite beach and accumulate a number in the middle of each table. You will have direct a beach theme for your wedding. To deal with the beach theme, place scallops silver wedding favors that can also double as Place card holders in the hope of sand. Press the names of your guests on the placeholder cards and maybe a short note thanking them for coming to your beach party themed wedding.

You can also use a pair of flip flop wedding favors also dig in the sand to complete the look with a nametag to each guest. The reception device can all be linked in a unique central theme.

TV screen wedding centerpieces

Another fast and simple element that can be added to the list of creative ideas for wedding centerpieces is a television, or rather a group of television. You can stretch your wedding with TV core with various moving images of your wedding plays on the screen. Most of your guests will be delighted to see themselves on television, especially the children.

Complementing this TV wedding centerpieces with camera wedding favors for your guests to take pictures of each other. Your entire receiving device must be dominated by photographers, television, and maybe even fake journalists who interview guests. Now these creative wedding ideas that are sure to be unforgettable. You make the whole wedding, interactive, media-themed event.

Fortune Cookie Container

If you go to an Asian theme wedding, a large decorative container Asian food is your ideal focal point. The container must have a color based on your theme, and can be filled with something, possibly fortune cookies with special messages inside or empty. You can not go wrong with a fortune cookie game where if someone pulls a specific message they win a nice prize.

Your wedding favors should go with the core, namely the smaller versions of the decorative wedding centerpieces. You can not go wrong with a reception device that all colors and themes that you use in your wedding centerpieces and wedding favors combine